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sizes of various payouts; how often bettors can expect one payout or another; how much of what's bet is paid out as winnings; likelihood that solid citizens will be ahead -- or have money left -- after specified numbers of tries, starting with various bankrolls. ). It’s a quiet game, with only some minor musical tones when you spin or collect a small payout; strangely it makes no sound at all on larger payouts. I personally don’t see this as a problem, not every machine has to play classic rock songs, make wisecracks, or offer advice on the stock market, do they?

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How quickly can you receive your winnings? There are sites out there that only make their payouts on the last Friday of the month, for example. Or they may require that you send them email expressly requesting your winnings. Or maybe your withdrawal transactions have to be pre-approved and the site advises that that can take up to two weeks. These are examples of actual casino sites!

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Las Vegas Casinos don't come close to the online casinos we promote in terms of bonus money and payouts. Atlantic City Casinos don't offer as good payouts and poker tournament reviews as the online casinos Captains promotes. Our online casinos we promote have better payouts that Las Vegas Casinos and Atlantic City Casinos. Payouts at online casinos tend to fluctuate between 95-98%, depending on the casino. The highest that I have seen so far is 98%+, with the average casino coming in at about 97% or so. How come the payouts are bigger than in Las Vegas? These casinos must be lying about their numbers, right?

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Often seen depicted in the movies, it's called "splashing the pot," One-eyed Pete kills a gulletful of Southern Comfort before seeing and raising Cactus Jack, doing so with a derisive toss of chips directly into the pot. Neat scene from the "talkies" and a possible friendly flourish on your kitchen table, but in a real casino room in the real world that gets a practiced reprimand from the dealer.

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